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Project Directory

About the Project Directory

This page lists all major projects currently being worked on or planned citywide. Projects are grouped by the following classifications based on their purpose:

  • Crime & Safety
  • Customer Service / Community Engagement
  • Economic Development
  • Internal Projects
  • Policy Priorities
  • Public Infrastructure
  • Regional
  • Sustainability

Project titles link to more information specific to the individual project. Information is updated by project leads as developments occur.

Project Directory

Project Title & Link
Project ClassificationTarget Completion DateWard
Racial EquityPolicy Priorities OngoingCitywide
Purple LinePublic Infrastructure - TransportationOngoing5, 6
Montgomery County Public SchoolsRegional ProjectOngoingCitywide
New Hampshire Avenue InitiativePublic Infrastructure- PropertyOngoing 5
ADA Sidewalk Compliance ProgramPublic Infrastructure - TransportationOngoingCitywide
Dorothy's WoodsPublic Infrastructure - PropertyOngoing3
Flower Avenue Green Street ProjectPublic Infrastructure - Streetscapes2017-095
Cultural Plan Internal Projects2016-03Citywide
Ethan Allen Gateway StreetscapePublic Infrastructure - Streetscapes2017-062, 6
Inter-jurisdictional Cooperation AgreementsCrime & Safety2016-07Citywide
Library Renovation ProjectPublic Infrastructure - Buildings2017 - TBDCitywide
Montgomery College Math and Science BuildingRegional ProjectOngoing1
Montgomery County Bicycle Master PlanPublic Infrastructure - Transportation2017-04Citywide
Multifamily and Business Recycling InitiativeSustainabilityOngoingCitywide
Parking Management StudyPublic Infrastructure - Transportation2017-061, 3
Police Facility ImprovementsPublic Infrastructure - Buildings2017-TBD4
Public Land and Open Space Management PlanInternal Projects2017-06Citywide
Rehabilitation of Eastern Avenue NEPublic InfrastructureTBD3
Sidewalk Design and ConstructionPublic Infrastructure - TransportationOngoingCitywide
Street ResurfacingPublic InfrastructureOngoingCitywide
Takoma Park Middle School AdditionRegional ProjectsTBD4
Update of Financial PoliciesInternal ProjectsTBDCitywide
Utility WorkPublic Infrastructure OngoingCitywide
Georgetown Energy Prize Competition Sustainability2017-03Citywide
Takoma Junction RedevelopmentEconomic Development2020-063
Housing and Economic Development Strategic PlanEconomic DevelopmentOngoingCitywide
Mural at Conway & Prince George's AvenuesPublic Infrastructure - Streetscapes2016-12Citywide
Piney Branch Elementary School Addition and PoolRegional ProjectOngoing4, Citywide
State Highway Administration ProjectsRegional Project2017-03Citywide
Stormwater Management ProjectsStormwater ManagementOngoingCitywide
Takoma Park Recreation Center Development ProjectEconomic DevelopmentOngoing6
Flower and Sligo Creek Traffic CalmingTraffic Calming2018-122
Washington Adventist HospitalRegional ProjectOngoingCitywide
New Ave BikewayPublic InfrastructureOngoing 2, 3, 6
Table: City of Takoma Park project directory listing all of the major projects currently being worked on or planned.

Completed Projects

Project Title & LinkProject ClassificationCompletion DateWard
Police Chief Search
Election Date ChangeCommunity Engagement & Customer Service2017-07Citywide
Implementation of New Financial SystemInternal Projects2017-04Citywide
Streetscape ManualInternal Projects2016-07Citywide
Body Worn Camera ProjectCrime & Safety2015-11Citywide
GovQA Service Request System RelaunchCommunity Engagement & Customer Service2015-11Citywide
Technology Investment StrategyInternal Projects2015-10Citywide
Takoma Park Recreation Center StudiesPublic Infrastructure - Buildings2015-066
Website Redevelopment of takomaparkmd.govCommunity Engagement & Customer Service2015-10Citywide
6450 New Hampshire Avenue Site ImprovementsEconomic DevelopmentCanceled3
Bikeshare ExpansionPublic Infrastructure - Transportation2017 -026 - Citywide
Colby Avenue Playground RenovationPublic Infrastructure - Parks & Playgrounds2016-102
Dog ParkPublic Infrastructure - Parks & Playgrounds2017-044
Carroll Avenue Bridge ConstructionPublic Infrastructure2017-12Citywide
Parkview Tower Site ImprovementsPublic Infrastructure Streetscape2017-08Ward 4
Vacant and Blighted Properties InitiativeEconomic Development2016-05City-Wide
Sligo Mill Overlook PlaygroundPublic Infrastructure - Parks & Playgrounds2017Ward 3
Table: City of Takoma Park directory listing completed major projects

Carroll Avenue Bridge Construction

Maryland State Highway Administration's replacement of the Carroll Avenue bridge started on July 25, 2016.

Visit the Carroll Avenue Bridge Construction project page in the Project Inventory to get comprehensive and up to the date project information including links to SHA's detour info.

Visit the Project Page

Library Renovation Project

Significant changes are coming!

Details on the library renovation are available in the Project Directory under "Library Renovation."

Check it out!